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Who Are We? Principios Property Solutions!

Principios /prin-ci-pi-os/

  1. The place where something begins or is begun; a start

  2. A rule or belief governing one's personal behavior

Our intention is to provide you with a way out of your situation and give you a new start. We accomplish this, while maintaining the highest principles.

Principios Property Solutions is a real estate solutions company that provides homeowners with a winning solution to help them get out of their tight situations. For example, foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, or just need to sell your house and relocate fast. We are here for you and offer a One on One consultation, because no two situations are the same.

It doesn't matter the condition of the house, your situation or your time frame we want to make you an offer! -Teresa

Home Solution Specialist

Teresa Montano

My name is Teresa Montano and here at Principios Property Solutions, we also understand how transparency is KEY and healthy to building that relationship with you. Principios was founded on providing excellent service and providing many with solutions to their problems. This has been the driving principle for our company. That's why we want to show you our proven process to helping you with your property.

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